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» Mission Statement
Outdoor-Fishing is designed to be a place where all aspects of fishing can be discussed and enjoyed! There are opportunities to communicate with other fishermen, a wealth of information exchanged, new ideas, questions to ask and be answered, and even some “bragging”! It is intended to be viewed by the largest possible audience which will include schools, churches, and other organizations, and people of all nationalities, races, religions, young and old, and all walks of life. We need you to help us make a good community for all to enjoy! Please remember that your posts are in public display at the web site and must not be offensive to any group or individual. There are web sites that have been destroyed by inappropriate postings, and it will not happen at OF! There is a trusted staff at OF and we will do all things possible to keep Outdoor-Fishing a safe, friendly site that you will visit and post often, and enjoy.

To this end- any person exhibiting unacceptable behavior will be reminded of this policy, and Outdoor-Fishing staff is instructed to immediately refer such person to the administrator. A report detailing the violation will be filed and disciplinary action will be applied.

When posting, make your statements clear, sometimes what is intended in a post may not be taken the way you intend. Think of how your posts will be READ by others! Use common sense. In some instances, a PM (Personal Message) may serve as a better means of communication for your message than a post.

The Outdoor-Fishing staff is here to enforce the rules and guidelines. The Guidelines are not intended to limit your posting, but to keep this site open to a large audience and be enjoyable for all. We are anglers that want to enjoy this site as much as you do.

Some of the Guidelines specifics will not apply to all of you, but are necessary to make a statement and to make the site safe and clean and enjoyable for all members. In some instances, mistakes will happen inadvertently and these will be handled by the staff without further actions. Cooperate with us, respect our judgment and decisions. Report anything you consider offensive or in violation of the Guidelines by PM to an administer or staff member. You are responsible (legally and by the rules of this forum) not only for your own posts, but also for the content of your profile, signature, avatar, screen name, user ID, and material in links that you may add

We encourage all forum members to use the spell-check button. We believe that communication is a vital part of a good community.

The “For Sale/Wanted” forum is designed for members to buy/sell products. Cheating members and misrepresentation is not acceptable. The seller needs to describe the item to the best of his/her ability, and provide good pictures to aid his/her description. Conduct your buying/selling by PM and follow commonly accepted, common sense rules. Outdoor-Fishing is not to be held responsible (legally and by the rules of this forum) for the selling/buying of items at the site- that is the responsibility of the buyer and seller. However, we will take action if a member is found violating honest selling policies.

If you're unable to decide if a link is OK to post, you can send one of the staff members a PM, or post it in the Test Forum and report it asking for assistance. The staff is more than willing to help with posting and any other problems or questions you might encounter!

Oversights will sometimes happen so we ask that you kindly notify us of anything we may have missed. Let us know if you are receiving unwanted PM’s or e-mails, especially those that contain advertising. Otherwise, please keep things safe and positive, and now let’s get outside and do some FISHIN'! We want to hear about it!

Parents of youngsters and young adults: All posts are carefully monitored. You will find O-F to be a safe, clean environment. But, Outdoor-Fishing can not, and will not, be responsible for what YOU deem as appropriate or inappropriate for your particular Young Angler anywhere on this site. As with any website your son or daughter visits, YOU are responsible for and are the final authority for deciding what is or isn't appropriate for your young person.

Enjoy the forums!!
Outdoor-Fishing Administrators & Staff
» Outdoor-Fishing Guidelines
Violations of Guidelines: There is an Infraction Point (or demerit) System in place at Outdoor Fishing. Points will be given to offending members based on their violations. In some cases, an infraction may be deemed “borderline” or “unintentional”. In these cases, and at the discretion of the staff, a warning may be given and the post removed. Accumulated Infraction Points will be dealt with as follows:

5 points Suspension of member privileges for 10 days
10 points Banning from Outdoor-Fishing

Please note: An immediate suspension or ban and/or additional Infraction points may be issued for serious, repeated, flagrant, or intentional infractions.

The administration and staff at Outdoor-Fishing reserves the right to change/alter rules without notice, and to delete, move, or edit posts as they deem necessary.

Any use of material contained in OF is prohibited without permission of the Outdoor-Fishing administration.

Don’t “call out” the moderators on the forum. They have a tough job and don’t need to be chastised to the viewing audience. The moderators are volunteers and choose to moderate because they enjoy Outdoor-Fishing. Please try and keep the site enjoyable for them. You may not agree with all their decisions, but they have been chosen because they have shown good judgment in the past and a sensible demeanor. If you have problems with a moderator PM the Executive Administrator.

You are responsible not only for your own posts, but also for the content of your profile, signature, avatar, screen name, user ID, and material in links that you may add.
We set a higher standard of conduct for our members than other sites. We expect you to treat others with respect. We ban anyone who is disrespectful, disruptive, caustic, or is otherwise rude and confrontational. We also reserve the right to ban anyone without warning or explanation.

The following actions will not be permitted (see table below):
» Section A: General Posting & Use Of Outdoor-Fishing
Reference Description Points
A-1 Spamming- making multiple posts in one or several forums for the purpose of advertising one or several items, products, or services.
A-2 Irrelevant ad post or link- Posting an advertisement or link to such, that is not consistent with the forum's content.
A-3 use of a vendor logo, pictures of products, promotional material, or link to such in their avatar, signature, biography, and personal and public profile, with the exception of the “Home Page URL”..
A-4 Post bumping- making multiple posts in a single thread with the sole intention of keeping the thread at the top of the thread list.
A-5 Unauthorized use of copyrighted, registered, or trademarked material or excessive quoting of such from printed matter or that found online. However, upon an administrator's witness of said content, it will be removed promptly.
A-6 Deliberately posting the same content in several posts with the intent of drawing attention to it.
A-7 The posting of other member’s names, addresses, phone numbers, or personal information without that member’s consent. This will be considered an invasion of privacy.
A-8 Posting that is deliberately intentioned to anger or enrage another poster.
A-9 Seller’s posting in a competitor’s thread with the intention of drawing attention away from that thread.
A-10 Wagers, betting, and raffles. However giveaways, competitions, and contests by all members, vendors, and vendor/members are encouraged with the prior approval of the administration or staff.
A-11 any unauthorized, unwarranted use, or abuse of forums to promote or sell items, products, or services in which poster has a vested interest.
A-12 Unfounded, unfair use of the Trader Rating with the intent of damaging the trader’s reputation.
A-13 that which encourages, glorifies, or condones the use of prohibited, recreational drugs or alcohol misuse or abuse.
A-14 posts made with the sole intent of inflating the post count of the user’s thread
A-15 Misuse/abuse of the PM, Violation Reporting, or Administrator/Moderator Contact Systems, or any other feature of the site for other than it’s intended purpose or with the sole intention of distracting, confusing, or annoying members and staff.
A-16 Sometimes Outdoor-Fishing must delete otherwise acceptable posts because of legal, technical, personal, or ethical reasons and constraints of which the poster may be unaware and are not listed here but are nonetheless determined to not be in the best interest of the members or the site. Posters have no recourse to such a decision. No Infraction points will be given.
**** As per the discretion of the administration and staff, postings found inappropriate and not within the standards of Outdoor-Fishing shall include: ****
A-17 hostile, demeaning, offensive, or malicious comments or threats to any person, organization, or group.
A-18 graphic depictions or descriptions of injuries or accidents.
A-19 controversial religious, social, ethnic, political, sexual, or racial material, deemed as currently “socially unacceptable” including but not limited to the use of wordage, slang, stereotyping, slurs, terms, and unacceptable humor.
A-20 material encouraging or promoting illegal, unethical, violent, potentially dangerous, or immoral actions or attitudes.
A-21 pornography or sexually suggestive references (either by content, link, or picture)
A-22 the use of language deemed as unacceptable by the majority of the members- this includes wordage that has been abbreviated, intentionally misspelled, or in any other way disguised.
A-23 the use of slogans, gestures, expressions, cartoons, or any material considered offensive or inappropriate.
» Section B: Member and Vendor Selling at Outdoor-Fishing

“Member” is defined as a registered user, in good standing, at Outdoor-Fishing

“Vendor” is defined as any person, business, or enterprise, large or small, with a vested interest in the advertising, promotion, and commercial sale of services or goods (whether hand made or manufactured).

“Subscribed Vendor” is defined as a vendor that has purchased and paid for, or exchanged services for advertising rights at Outdoor-Fishing in any of it’s several availability's.

Members: have the least restrictions in their selling. Members:

are permitted and encouraged to mention, describe, or post links to other member’s posts and/or vendors in which they have no vested interest, in any appropriate forum, provided it is not considered spamming (refer A-1).

are encouraged to sell personal items in any of the appropriate forums in the “For Sale / Wanted” section.

Reference Description Points
B-1 limit of no more than 5 (five) active posts at one time in the “For Sale / Wanted” section.

Vendors (including Vendors who are also members): are bound by the General Guidelines, and:
are permitted to post single items (or a group of items offered as one) in the “For Sale/Wanted” section but are limited to:

B-2 a maximum of 3 (three) active posts for their products in each of the several appropriate sub-forums in the "For Sale/Wanted" forum at one time. No links to other products are allowed, however.

in addition, Vendors:

B-3 are not permitted to post advertising, request for PM's, or links to their store, retail outlets, catalogs, or place of business, or to their items for sale in any forum with the following exception: Sponsors of contests and giveaways at Outdoor-Fishing and may post one (1) link to their products per thread in the “Contests and Giveaways” forum. Contact an administrator for details and prior approval.
B-4 may not post advertising or links at the “Vendor - Business to Customer” forum, although pictures and descriptions are encouraged. Please make note of this.
B-5 are not permitted to send PM’s with links or information for their products unless specifically requested (by post or PM) by a member. Vendors are permitted to reply to such requests by a PM only.
B-6 “Spamming” by vendors is considered a form of site parasitism and will not be taken lightly. An expanded definition for spamming by vendors is as follows: Spamming- “making multiple posts, or one post in which several links or items are mentioned, in one or several forums for the purpose of advertising products, or services in which the poster has a vested interest or personal stake.” The operative phrase is “vested interest or personal stake”.

This violation by vendors may result in immediate suspension or banning.

(Note: vendors are encouraged to contact the administrator or visit the “Outdoor-Fishing Advertising” forum for the many opportunities for subscribed advertising at Outdoor-Fishing. There are options available and are very reasonable and offer special privileges to the Vendor. (see below).)

Subscribed Vendors: are bound by the General Guidelines and the Vendor Guidelines, but:

B-7 in response to a post, may post a link or reply mentioning and directing the poster to their advertising at Outdoor-Fishing where appropriate and not in a manner that would be considered spamming. (refer A-1 and B-6) An off-site link, however, is not permitted, with the following exception, subscribed vendors:
B-8 are entitled to have one (1) off-site link to their products in their active post in the “Vendor-Business to Customer” section of the forums.
B-9 May use a vendor logo, pictures of products, promotional material, and an offsite link to such in their avatar, signature, biography, and personal and public profile.
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